Notes Found in an Old Sketchbook

Dear Nathan,

If you don’t do it this summer, you’ll never do it.*

Singing my name,

Nathan Swartz
11 – 25 – 2004

* not necessarily fact

It’s been a good while since I’ve gone whiskey
Tend now less to keep a sketchbook with me
I’ve been gone a long time tripping
I’m a scratch a long time itching

I’m a smile, a pretty face
Under the makeup & toothpaste
Men spend their lives in search of Grace
Look about, I’m all over the place

This book has been around the world. It’s falling apart, literally. It alone has seen more than my parents have or will have ever seen.

and everywhere between.

poetry is not for sale.
it’s a buyer’s market

matthew martin
where are you?
skin is bronze
eyes are blue
they’ve made a demi-God of you
left alone on your mountain.

12am – 7:30am asleep
7:30 – 8:00 awake, scrub & eat
8 – 8:15 across town
8:30 – noon computers & sitting down
noon – 1:15 stuff my face & play
sometime after 5 finish the work day
5:30 to 7 walk the world
7-10 babies sleep & talk to girl
10-12 …be myself

24 hours is good for your health

7.5 sleeping
2.75 maintenance
8.5 working
4.5 life with others
2 w/me

25.25 is better for yourself

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