My First Good Dream in Months

It’s not that I don’t have interesting dreams: they’re typically choke-full of me fending off werebeasts at my old college dorm or running from my family-turned-zombies at a birthday party. It’s just that they’re always very full on, which has me suspecting that my sleep isn’t giving me all of the desired rest that I need. After all, how can you be getting a solid night’s sleep if you’re doing battle with a wererabbit for half the night?

But last night, for the first night in months that I can remember, I had an incredibly calm and somewhat interesting dream. I’ll keep this short, as nobody cares.

The setting, behind the old Sheetz in Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania, along the murky waters of the Sulfur Creek. The creek (pronounced “crick” where I come from) became forever polluted by sulfur due to mining operations nearby, and so not only held a distinctly yellow color, but a putrid odor. Up until massive flood prevention efforts were taken a few years ago, the creek would often swell and flood many parts of town. But today, in my dream, it is particularly low and there’s a path that runs along the nothern shore. Olivia decides to go a different way, at the time I assumed she was going somewhere else entirely, so I slip between the bushes and tree limbs of the path and find myself a cozy spot to park off, only to be joined by an Indian girl (of the Native US sort) and Hyde from That 70’s Show. As one might suspect, the Indian girl was in duress, as squaw typically seem to be, and Hyde was interested in smoking a pipe, true to form. So we tried to find a secluded spot, but these two fisherman who cussed often and knew how to do it – kept trying to get in on our territory. Finally we found solace in a little alcove, just as Olivia came around, and partook in circle, one and all.

Then, alarm bells reminded me that Tristan had to be to school or Mr. Belding will have Zack’s hide!

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