An Empty City

The fire hydrants don’t have much to do these days
The slower life of waiting for the school bus promenade
to bring home all you’ve wrapped your life around
A city’s population but there’s no one left in this old town

Where am I come from, where have I go?
They tore down the wall of old I Don’t Know
So figuring out is the hardest part
to catch the sun you have to freeze a star.

Telephone poles make a thin forest here
Like the closely watched hairline they all disappear
and I packed up a dozen or so of my finest smoke
Get from where am I come from to where I have to go.

And all across the Earth we roam
For the left behind the wayward moan
As a sun can set on one man’s evening
While another starts out his beginning
I can push myself to keep pushing on
But we all meet the ocean the longer we walk
And what would you do if the water washed,
Could you finally find to bring yourself to stop?

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