The Death of Reading Magazines on the Pot

The Nintedo DS buttons A, B and XIt all started with Wired Magazine’s growing emphasis on covering military technology. In 2005 they were boasting articles on how humans could more easily kill each other (rather, how technologically superior armies could easily wipe out entire battalions of their enemies without really involving a single one of our soldiers), right alongside those claiming that if we don’t do something about global warming now, Al Gore may never become president. Hypocritical was the most obvious descriptor, and I was forced to cancel my subscription.

Without Wired to fill up the space devoted to bathroom reading material it quickly was overrun by H&M promos or the latest Victoria Secret catalog. The last vestige of actual printed ink on paper that I found myself reading in life gave way and I needed to fill the space up somehow. The answer? Nintendo DS.

With games like Brain Age and Mario Kart only taking a few minutes to play, and indeed many games for the DS follow this same pattern, it was the perfect toilet-time filler.

And there you have it, how video games saved my bowels.

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