Remote iPhone Testing

Bike PGH on iPhoneWired reports on a new Web service called DeviceAnywhere which will allow you to test your web sites and mobile applications on thousands of different handheld devices, including iPhone. Apparently, the service can even simulate the touch screen and accelerometer.

I’ve been playing with websites on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and when I release my new site in a few months it’ll be 100% customized for those devices, as well as for generic mobile phone browsers and Opera Mini. I’ve already been experimenting with custom versions of (visit that site with your iPhone to see how it differs from the desktop site – all of the same functionality and content but with a more streamlined interface for the smaller screen and less background graphics for quicker loading over wireless networks) and which is a very Beta version of the Pittsburgh bicycle advocacy’s new map of the city.

Visit the DeviceAnywhere website.

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