No Mitt Romney

So far, Mitt Romney seems to be the biggest threat to this country during the next Presidential race. I truly hope that he’s knocked out of his shoes before he even gets a chance to run. In an interview on NPR he says the following about abortion with regards to overturning Rowe v. Wade in order to give each state the ability to make the decision for themselves, rather than leave it as is with the federal government.

I would welcome an America where there was such consensus around abortion that we ended the practice all together. Therefore, the right next step is to overturn Rowe v. Wade.

It’s a recognition that it would be a wonderful state to be in where it was a massive national consensus that abortion should not be a practice in this country.

All I can see there is that he’s basically pushing for a repeal of Rowe v. Wade on the basis that he’d like to see an America that agrees with him in consensus. He just sounds dangerous to me, ma, danger us.

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