Blogs without Comments…

…are as antiquated as old media. There, I’ve said it, now everyone can enjoy the Superbowl on Sunday without feeling like there’s this fat, smoking monkey in a rubber clown suit hanging from their mullets.

In a bit more detail though, it truly upsets me when websites, especially those being written by Google, don’t allow you to comment. Television and newspapers and magazines have been talking at us for years, telling us what they think and keeping the conversation one way. Blogs begin coming along and are taking huge streams of revenue and viewers/readers from old media because people can access them when they want, but also, I’d reckon, because they include people. You can tell the blogger how stupid, ugly or “gay Mexican” he is, as seems to be so popular, or you can participate in a two way conversation. Suddenly, your opinions can be your own instead of those inflicted upon you by your news and entertainment sources.

As of today, I am officially boycotting all blogs without comments. Google, you have been warned.

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