Former Skateboard Shoe Company Now Selling Sustainable Sneakers

Simple ShoesI had a pair of Simple Shoes back in my skater heyday. In a time when skate sneakers were moving more and more toward Nike-esque styling with large toe guards and bell-flavored whistles, Simple lived up to their name and stuck with basic, suede skate shoes. I was surprised to see an article pointing at the little company today advocating their greener side.

Simple Shoes for WomenMuch like Blackspots, Simple Shoes are made from things like recycled tires and water-based glues, but unlike Blackspots, Simple comes with a variety of styles, everything from the Chuck Taylory styles of their Women’s Satire shoes to the casual loafers you’ll find in the men’s department, and a good chunk of the “in-between.” They even have shoes for kids!

These guys’ll definitely be at the top of the list for the next round of footstuffs the boy and I go through.

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