Some Websites I Like

While submitting my site to some design galleries I came across a few particularly beautiful web site designs. The best thing about these design galleries is that as far as Internet portals go, you won’t find a better resource than a website dedicated to showing off only the best new designs, and often the designers who put the most effort into the way their site looks are the ones who find the time to stuff it full of nifty content.

Forty Seven Media

A great tagline does Kick Awesome Web Design make and these guys back up all of their hip-if-slightly-gimmicky claims with an amazing portfolio jam packed with designs that clearly show they put their all into every single project.

Marius Roosendale

This isn’t the most amazing design as far as sheer visual awe goes, but I love the stylesheet switcher which presents you with a different design depending on the time of day, be in day, night or sunrise! Go ahead and have a toggle…

The Mozilla Store

Again, this isn’t exactly the most beautiful design I’ve ever come across, but I found it interesting how they blended this kiddie drawing style into what feels enough like the rest of Mozilla’s site to make you wonder if maybe you should buy yourself that Firefox branded messenger bag after all.

SR 28

This fella’s site is amazing and was in many ways a huge inspiration to my new design. I just love the color and excellent, excellent typography. Unfortunately, by the looks of his blog and portfolio, he seems to have dropped off the map just after releasing the redesign. Probably because he’s getting so much work from this site that he doesn’t have time / need to update it. Or he’s had a viking funeral, one or the other.

Jesus Rodriguez Velasco

Thickening visuals mixed with written word so adapt at mixing eloquence and grammatical fortitude with easy reading that it simply blows your mind what artistic and philosophical entries might lay in wait deep in the site’s archives. Unfortunately, though many post titles and the home page copy is in English, the vast majority of text on the site is not (I’m guessing it’s in Spanish.)

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