MidPhase Hosting is a Complete Scam

My first experience with a host came with Lunarpages a few years back. Olivia over at Yummy Wakame had recommended them to me and I appreciate advice, so I went with it. Lunarpages had stellar support for the first few months, and so I started referring all of my client to them.

Almost simultaneously their phone support became non-existent and they were having 2 to 3 day turn around times with email support. Sites were down for days at a time. It was time to move.

By this time, Olivia had switched everything over to AN Hosting, which is a division of some sort of midPhase. It was never clear how exactly they were related to midPhase or why they were considered their own branch, as I received two welcome emails: one from AN Hosting and one from Midphase. Both stated that they would provide me with my cPanel, FTP info, etc. but both fell short. Their automated systems weren’t filling the ftp.clicknathan.com or auto-generated passwords in, so I had to open a support ticket before I had ever had a chance to login to my account. Still, I stuck with them and they served my purposes for a few months.

Then I referred a client their way – for dedicated hosting. midPhase farms all of their dedicated hosting out to a company called SingleHop, who I can only define as the most horrendously inadequate group of people I have ever worked with. It took us over a week to get the dedicated server setup, as no one from SingleHop was getting back to me. To be clear, several people from SingleHop were getting back to me, and it was as if none of them had bothered to read what the past communication was all about. So I would have to keep re-explaining everything that we’d discussed up to that point. At one point, after sending a very pleasant email stating “I’m beginning to get very concerned here. You said this would be taken care of in a few hours and it’s now been three days. Can you please let me know what’s going on?” I received a reply of “PONG!” from someone named Brad. I’m sorry, I should have said, I received a reply of “PONG!” from some dick named Brad.

Yes, I think that more accurately reflects my feelings toward these people. Eventually the server went up, and cost my client $170 / month. Every few months the support would get worse, until one day we received an email that they are no longer offering support unless you fork out another $25 / month. The server would be down for a few days while both my client and I would be on vacation and when we wrote to ask why midPhase says their servers will have 99% uptime (in fact, they guarantee it) they stated “We can only guarantee your server will be up if you let us know. If you want us to monitor your server, it’s an additional $69 a month.”

Dedicated hosting for $170 + $25 + $69 = $264 / month. Trust me, that’s highway robbery.

I advised my client, in December of 2007, to drop midPhase and all of their various divisions, and go with MediaTemple, who have thus far, at least, been working perfectly.

Update August 2014: I was with MediaTemple for eight years, but in the past twelve months their support and the performance of their servers have dropped so drastically as to be considered no better than a shared server could provide. I now use and recommend WPEngine.

I still had my own account with AN Hosting / midPhase however, and had sent an email to billing@midphase.com informing them that when my hosting cycle was up I wanted my account closed. They never responded.

I went through all of the motions of transferring my own sites to my own MediaTemple account, only to receive a bill from AN Hosting several weeks later stating that I had an unpaid balance of $76. That amount was then pro-rated to $21.95, to which I informed them there was a flying bugs chance on the interstate of getting paid, so they bumped the bill back up to $76.

I’d rather tarnish my credit and have to jump through the hoops of getting that removed than give one dime to these modern day thieves.

If you currently use AN Hosting or midPhase or SingleHop, I’m dying to know what your experiences are with them. If you don’t, I’d seriously think twice before ever instigating a conversation with them. They’ll likely bill you for it.

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