Hi, I’m Nathan, and I Love Forms

It’s true: surveys, census, quizzes, anything that involves me filling empty spaces with my opinions; I just love doing it. So I’m not afraid to admit that I spent the last hour or so at Just Say Hi, where I found out the following:

  • I am 49% addicted to Apple
  • Have only a 14% chance of surviving on the moon
  • Was capable of naming 48 countries (of 270) in 5 minutes
  • I have a 46% chance of surviving a zombie crisis (I know, I thought it was low too…)
  • I’m 68% geek
  • My body would be worth $3325 were I to die today and my family sold it for parts

So while my odds against the moon aren’t that great and it looks as though I might have to give up on choosing to search for family in the event of the zombie takeover, at least my lifeless corpse would bring in enough for an entire month’s rent in New York City.

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