The Self-Actuation of a Hero, You Say?

Eventually all men must come to a self-truth, an evidence from within their very core, one that needles out through the chest and into the limbs, pulling at the lungs and beckoning to be seated. Yes, even man with his position above even the fabled monkey in the food chain must eventually come to realize that he is a part of time, and therefore he will age. No longer can he run stalwart for miles carrying word of a possible new form of spear point having been invented two villages east. Nor does he find his armer fitting and, indeed, even tightening around the girth. His stairclimber can no longer climb stairs by twos or threes, and eventually retreats to a single-staired ascent. Yes, poor Everyman, who must endure the reality of ages passing.

Fortunately, as I am only 29 and certainly not counting, there will be no suffering today.

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