Les Paul Invented Everything

Bob Edwards (the former voice of NPR’s Morning Edition) interviews Les Paul (yes, the guy named after the guitar…er, the other way around) and it’s a pretty amazing piece. Apparently, Les Paul invented not only the electric guitar, but also the vinyl record, the 8 track tape, and the very process of recording music to tape using multiple tracks, so that guitars and vocals and drums could all be mixed together later. And those are only a few of the things he was responsible for. Not to mention, there’s a few Slash lead cameos near the end, where Bob moves on from his interview with Les and into the Les Paul guitar factory.

Another good interview was on This American Life, from this past Sunday, where Ira Glass interviews Jerry Springer. Aside from being daytime TV trash superstar, which holds him as one of the most pathetic and disgusting things about the human race throughout all time in my mind, he was apparently a great politician, with some of his former campaign managers and associates putting him ahead of Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton with regards to being an honest, upstanding person.

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