Safari vs. Safari

Safari LogoAccording to the search engine Google, 2.8million websites talk about Safari vs. Firefox. An additional 152,000 claim that Internet Explorer sucks. Everyone who’s ever worked with CSS or HTML or their aunt’s furniture business knows this…

But what about Safari vs. Safari?

There are actually three versions of Safari: the native Mac browser, the new Windows version, and the iPhone version. I decided to run three simple tests to see how they stack up with each other, and the results were verily suprising.

Action Mac iPhone Windows
Boot Safari 2 secs 1 sec 1 sec
Google bar Search1 2 secs 2 secs 1 sec
Load Cult of Mac2 17 secs 17 secs 3 secs
Load The Yummy Wakame Weblog3 14 secs 12 secs 7 secs

Given the fact that my MacBook Pro is surely a jillion times more powerful than the iPhone and probably even a good deal more powerful than the Windows machine, I find these results pretty shocking. Particularly how much more quickly Windows Safari performed all of the actions. The most surprising piece to me was how much more quickly Windows Safari loaded Cult of Mac – both the iPhone and Mac versions would actually load the vast majority of the site, but something greatly slowed the loading at about 50% on both browsers.

1Google bar Search: I used the built in Google bar in each of the browser’s to search for eating silly bumpers and timed how long it took for the page to fully load.

2Load Cult of Mac: I chose this website because, for a simple blog, it’s notoriously slow to load.

3Load the Yummy Wakame Weblog: This is my girlfriend’s website which meets all of the Web standards and often has references to how awesome I am…though they’ve dwindled as of late.

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