Has Desktop Publishing Eliminated Period Design?

Think of the 1980’s, the 1970’s, even those distant-but-still-fondly-remembered 1960’s. If graphic design styles happen to come to mind — whether via ads, posters or old LP covers — you can probably envision each eras distinct visual style. The 60’s favored brightly colored bubble letters that tried to shoot off the page with outlines while the 80’s is all about neon and zig zag patterns and trying to join every letter of a word together as one.

I can’t necessarily think of what the 90’s style was, though…or even what today’s style is. Some things are obvious, like the iPod inspired silhouettes that everything seem to take to, but I wonder if the plethora of amateur designers using high tech programs like Microsoft Word or, even better, Paint, are producing en such mass that all we’ll remember of these times is a mottle of blah?

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