Lusty Highway Desires, pt. 1

The clouds weren’t planning on making an appearance today as Spring continues to prove bipolar with its summer sun and frigid temperature, but not to be undone by the jet trails that manufacture a second rate, man made atmosphere weaving back and forth across the big blue over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they’ve come out in a small pack of puffy white. The burden of being alive is weighing thick underneath my sweatshirt even as the thrill of life slowly emerging from the sweats of disappointment is dripping sweaty down my legs and arms. Any moment now the realization that, as it is short, so so should life be made sweet, but I worry that too many bottles full of high fructose corn syrup in my younger days have put the cane fields out of business and even as we hope to good God that it doesn’t result in a life spent trying to suck the powder out of little blue and yellow and pink sugar supplements.

For now I can only hope that my energy will eventually increase, or that I’ll find enough spare change in the couch cushions to buy a scooter and make my move from there…

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