Musings on WordPress 2.5

I’ve spent some pretty serious time working with WordPress 2.5 now and while I dig the new admin interface — it’s shiny and new after all — I’m not sure that it’s always an improvement over the original version. I think the new sidebar is likely more intuitive for new users, but there are a few things that I think are closer to a downgrade. A few suggestions for the next version would be:

  1. Put the “Write New Post” back into Manage > pages
  2. Make the Advanced Options section reorganizable again
  3. Bring back the Save & Continue, Save and Publish buttons back
  4. In the same vein, when you click Save you should be redirected back to the page you were at before, not a fresh new post by default
  5. Put the Categories section back into the sidebar – it’s pretty much used every time you post and is much more important than the new Related section

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