Meat is Murder on Mother Earth

The BBC reports that livestock is responsible for 18% of the Earth’s greenhouse gases. Compare that to the transportation industry, which comprises only 13% of global warming. Just one more reason to tame down your meat intake, if not giving it up all together.

Want some more reasons?

  1. Some people think that humans aren’t supposed to be meat eaters at all.
  2. Even if you don’t buy that, consider that carnivores have to run down and kill their food on their own, and many don’t eat every single day. For example, wolves need around 5lbs of food a day. Humans who eat modest meals will easily consume 4lbs a day, and they’re not running through the woods all day, they’re sitting in cars and trying to get those cars as close to their homes and work as possible. The point? Eat less meat, be less fat.

A great way to live a little healthier and help tone down your meat-related carbon footprint is to tone down how many servings of meat you have everyday. It’s only in recent generations that having bacon and sausage for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch and then some pot roast for dinner has become accepted as normal.

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