The Port Authority Wants to Hear from You

As part of the major renovation that’s happening with our fair city’s transit system, the Port Authority is holding open house meetings specifically aimed at hearing where the public wants to go when it comes to riding buses.

This is your chance to do more than just blog and bitch about the bus system, which for all of its shortcomings is actually halfway decent and so the improvements which are likely to come out of this and the other initiatives the Port Authority has been undertaking this year are going to be a welcomed addition to Pittsburgh.

According to the Post Gazette, the Port Authority hopes to locate which routes are being underused and where we need new routes, including their openness to the ability of replacing the singleminded strategy of a spoke-and-hub system (one where most routes branch out from downtown into the neighborhoods and suburbs) to one where people might actually be able to get from neighborhood to neighborhood without first visiting downtown and then transferring back out of the Golden Triangle.

Here’s a quick rundown of where the meetings are and when:

For whom When Where
Western Communities June 17th, 6-8pm Carnegie Borough Building, 1 Veterans Way (map)
Allegheny Valley & Eastern Suburbs June 23, 6-8pm In the Gymnasium at Community College of Allegheny County’s Boyce Campus, Monroeville (map)
Downtown & the City June 24, 11am – 2pm Downtown YWCA, 305 Wood St. (map)
North Hills June 24, 6-8pm West View Fire Department Banquet Hall, 398 Perry Highway (map)
South Hills June 25, 6-8pm Bethel Park Fire Hall, 5213 Brightwood Road (map)
Mon Valley June 26, 6-8pm In the Gymnasium at Community College of Allegheny County’s South Campus, West Mifflin (map)

More information, complete with notoriously bad web design, can be found at the PAAC Connect 09 Transit Development Plan site.

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