And Finally, a Double Whammy of Ol’ Thyme Proportions

Well, it’s been a fine few weeks worth of remembering back when people would ask me real, earnest, hardworking questions and I’d deliver a stalwart and epiphonical retort. But as all good things that have come to an end, this good thing must come to an end. Instead of fading away like some final chorus of a Michael Jackson song on your local Top 40 Sunday afternoon countdown, though, I thought I’d bang out with an explosive sounding fireball and give you a Two for Thursday.


Dear Aunty Nathan,

I have a problem for your problem page. I have an important deadline to meet at work on Wednesday. I have completely lost the file containing the work I have done and the work I need to finish before Wed.

How do you suggest I blag my way out of this one?


Well, Q-diddy, I see your dilemma. I thought about this long and hard trying to determine what the best possible solution would be for you. And then suddenly it was Wednesday and whatever answer I give you is too late anyway. So I guess the moral to this story is “If something seems really hard, just keeping putting it off, and then it will be over in one way or another.”

Better yet, you could hire a time traveling detective robot to go back in time to before you’d lost your work, and then travel forward in time, arriving at your workplace just as you were about to tell your boss you didn’t meet the deadline.

Problem solved.

And now on to our second question:

is asking you a question like this good enough. it doesn’t seem as fun. but when i use your link i’m taken to this computer’s Outlook Express which my aunt uses and peruses and i don’t want her to wonder what i’m doing when she’s gone.

Can you make it so that we stay at your site, or will you if this becomes popular. Slacking at Work, PA

Slacking, here’s the problem, your Aunt’s computer is set up to use the default settings for the “mailto:” function. Mailto: works just like http:// except instead of putting a web address after it, you put an email address. Assuming you don’t want to change the settings for when your Aunt uses the computer, I would suggest setting up a new user account on that computer and changing the default settings in Gmail to make it your primary outgoing message system. And as far as the second part of your question, well hmmm…thus far my two questions have been very serious in nature so I can’t be exactly sure if, after reading my answers, people will find it as interesting as many people may have thought it would be. But keep them coming and perhaps I’ll set it up right here, right now.

And that is all, good friends, for the Dear Nathan Revival Two Week Marathon. Remember, you can always access all of the questions at the Official Ask Nathan Questions Page and even, pray tell anyone might care to, ask a new question.

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