This American Life Time

This American Life

This American Life is a really great radio show, at the same time the quintessential public radio program — slow talking exploration of the human condition through an introspective viewpoint — mixed with everything that most public radio shows get wrong: This American life actually has interesting content.

You can listen to the show on your local public radio station, usually on Sundays, but the radio is for the bourgeois with their fancy driving mobiles or those people who have nothing to do but sit in rocking chairs all weekend. For the rest of us, we can download the show as a podcast and listen to it whenever we’d like.

However, the current half-million people who download the show every week are costing the station that provides the show $150,000. This would typically be taken care of with long winded pledge drives where they cut into content to ask for money. This American Life isn’t doing that, they’re just asking for it in a 30 second spot before today’s show, and they won’t do it again for 6 months. 30 seconds every six months to try and raise $150,000.

If you like the show, toss them a $1 or $2 or $20.

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