Screen Resolution Statistics

I was taking a look at some browser statistics today for various work-related reasons and noticed the following on my site:

  • Only 26% of screen resolutions are at 1024×768. That’s a big difference from just this past January, when they held closer to 50%. In fact, for the past three years, 1024×768 held between 50-60% of the screen resolution market, and has been the standard design size for most web designers for the past four years or more.
  • Most browsers are now running at 1280px wide, with a variety of heights. To me this means two things: widescreens are becoming more prevalent and will eventually be the standard and laptops, which are more often widescreen than desktop displays, are becoming more prevalent than their fixed-in-place predecessors.
  • 27% of resolutions are 1440px or larger. The largest display comprising more than 1% was 1920×1200, with 4.8% of the share. The largest browser period was 2560×1600!

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What does this all mean? Not all that much. Designing for 1024×768 is still a safe bet, and it should be noted that as screens and resolutions get better, it doesn’t always mean that people will be maximizing their browsers to fill all of that empty space. We’re finally getting to a point where having multiple windows open at once is a comfortable possibility, not to mention recent additions to browsers such as sidebars.

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