App Store and Girlfriend Make Up, Sex Okay

Another iPhone app I’d really like to see is a pretty simple Wikipedia Wish List. The basic idea is that you have an app that you can jot down things you’d like to learn more about, via Wikipedia. So say you’re on the bus and suddenly have the urge to know who invented the milk crate, but your stop is coming up. You could stay on the bus, miss your stop, and gain all of that sweet, milky knowledge, or you could get off, make it to work, not get fired and still be able to afford that $100 / month iPhone bill.

With this app, you’d just write down the phrase “milk crate” and click save. Later, when it was convenient, you could then just go back, click the phrase, and Wikipedia would load up.

To make the app even cooler, it could have a built in browser (like Twitterific does) which has an iPhone-customized Wikipedia interface, as Wikipedia’s is a bit difficult to see the small words on the little iPhone screen. Additionally, if you clicked a link within Wikipedia, it would open it in a new tab within the application, so that when you finished reading that article, you’d basically be taken back to your original article. I find that with Wikipedia, I’m always clicking on links within the main article to get more insight. Awesome.

If you invent it, let me know. Well, I just invented it, so, if you code it, let me know.

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