Standard Realty Group

I’ve had dozens of landlords in my life and so I’ve come to realize that they’re all trying to get a few more bucks out of you, and some are downright thieves (don’t deal with Fox Chapel Real Estate if you’re smart). We recently moved out of our house on Pierce Street though, in order to live a life on the road, and I was amazed with the way our landlord handled the entire process.

First of all, while we lived in the place he allowed us to paint and was super cool about it, to the point of actually being happy that we were doing so. Any problems were taken care of in a matter of a day or two (we only had very minor problems, nothing that warranted immediate attention.) When we went to move out, he didn’t even ask us to paint, and wasn’t upset at all about a few rather large holes and blemishes in the walls, simply stating that their repair guys could take care of it. Olivia asked him if he knew of a good cleaning company we could hire to come in and get the place all shined up, and he said not to worry about, just to sweep up a bit and he’d take care of the rest.

Then, and this is the kicker, they gave us our entire security deposit back.

That has never happened to me before. Landlords will always take out something, whether it’s the $600 Fox Chapel Real Estate stole from us for “cleaning the hallway outside of the apartment” or $50 for general wear and tear. Standard Realty Group (also known as SRG) is a simply amazing landlord company, with really cool apartments in nice parts of the city.

This kind of sounds like an ass kissing ad, but I figure, I bitch about companies who screw us over so often, I might as well praise the ones that are extra good to us.

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