Pittsburgh, Still Happening

Though we’re currently on the road for some time, I’m still keeping up to date with all the latest haps in Pittsburgh’s progressive movement via my favorite websites, mostly ones on the Internet.

Via the Post Gazette, Pittsburgh will have 20,000 more trees planted over the next 5 years. For a city that’s already pretty green (stand at the point and look around, you’ll see more trees than buildings), that’s great news.

Jim Lehrer’s NewHour (that fast-paced, glitsy…er, PBS daily news show) did a peace on Pittsburgh’s Green Tech scene.

The city also recently hired its first Bicycle Coordinator, who will work to make the city a safer, better place for bicycling. The city has even consulted with Bike Pittsburgh through it all, which really shows that they’re in the game for real rather than just trying to do it their way.

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