Children of the Sun Just Shine it On

The woman on the radio is talking about here fear of sleeping, because when she dreams she dreams about the realization that someday she will die. That she wakes up freaking out, sweating, sitting up in bed unable to cope with the thought that someday she’ll just cease to be living. The background music is sad and it’s This American Life, so everything is done very well. I can only imagine that her intense fear of death is caused by her lack of living while she has the chance. A sinking feeling in my heart combines with the speedy beats of my morning coffee. Everything seems very doomed, for her at least.

Then I look out the window and a young girl, bouncing short blond hair and she’s maybe 3 or 4 years old, goes running with all abandon, smiling like a daybreak and aimless in direction. How could anyone worry about death when there’s so much life all and everywhere around us.

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