I’m Emailing for the Greater Good

Everyone gets them, most of us hate them, and who the hell is forwarding them anyway? The paintings of animals on someone’s hand or those chalk drawings that one guy does that looked cool, the first fifty times. Forwarding emails costs American businesses $8 trillion every half-second and that doesn’t even include the time wasted waiting for all of those pictures to load up on your company’s DSL connection.

So today when I saw this image at the bottom of a forward menacing my inbox, which read “i’m emailing for the greater good” I started laughing both cheeks of my buttocks off. I was instantly reminded of those forwards that tell you to tell 10 other people or Jesus will lose the battle with Satan, or the countless Internet petitions that I’ve signed with the glimmer of hope that I really will end the war in Iraq and send a monkey’s trainer to Mars.

I just had to click on it to see what the situation was. And I must say, I was quite surprised.

i’m MAKING A DIFFERENCE is a website sponsored by Microsoft. It’s a ploy, of course, to get people to use Windows Live and Messenger more often, but it does seem to come with a benefit: every time someone who’s registered with the service uses Live or Messenger, Microsoft donates some cash to their partner causes (such as the Red Cross, National AIDS Fund, Sierra Club, StopGlobalWarming.org, MS, Unicef, National Humane Society, and more). So you can literally help fight everything from breast cancer to puppies just by using Microsoft services.

Of course, no one actually uses any of Microsoft’s web services, but…

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