State of My Portfolio

I don’t get a chance to update my portfolio all that often, though I build a website or two every month on average. I suppose the upside to that is simply that I’m busy enough to not have the time to update my portfolio, even if I definitely have the content.

I’d like to mention a few really nifty sites that I’ve had the fortune of working on recently, though, including one for local produce, one aimed at making life easier for your local farmer, and another aimed at helping Pittsburghers get on their bikes and ride.

Click any of the images to see larger versions of the site’s designs. The first two sites weren’t built by me, only designed, so I can’t hold strong on the efficacy of how well they’re put together, just the loveliness of the pictures and layout. 🙂

The first is Small Farm Central, which is run by Simon Huntley, Pittsburgh local web developer. Small Farm Central offers a CMS specifically aimed at small farmers who would like to promote their produce, meatstuffs, markets, etc. I’ve worked with Simon before, as per the next item herein, and when he asked me to redesign his site I was extremely excited. Simon did all of the HTML and development work behind the site, I merely put together the design.

thumbnail image of Small Farm Central design - CLICK TO SEE A LARGER VERSION

The other project I’ve recently completely, again, doing all of the design work while Simon handled the development, was Buy Fresh Buy Local PA, part informational/part social networking, this site combines user profiles and custom Google Maps to allow users to find local food in their area and network with other local food lovers.

thumbnail image of Buy Fresh Buy Local design - CLICK TO SEE A LARGER VERSION

Finally, Free Ride Pittsburgh, a Pittsburgh non-profit, asked me to design and build their site for them, which I happily did. Free Ride will help you learn how to fix a bike, not just fix it for you. They have tools, spare parts, and helpful volunteers to show you how to do everything from fix a flat to replace your gears, and designing their site was a blast. They’re also looking for volunteers, so if you like bikes and want to do some good in your hometown, let them know!

thumbnail image of Free Ride Pittsburgh website - CLICK TO SEE A LARGER VERSION

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