I’ve Burned out the Internet

I remember the 1990s, that long gone era where life was still young and blissful. We hadn’t been let down by Y2K and their was no YouTube and 9/11 hadn’t “changed everything”, whatever that means. I wasn’t so cynical, at the very least.

I didn’t know many people who thought that playing video games was more fun than playing real games, and I didn’t give a rat’s ass about the President of this or any other set of states. I thought computers, a minor but up and coming thing, were pretty nifty and did enjoy playing around on them, but nothing more than drawing pictures in Microsoft Paint or playing the occasional game of Minesweeper to figure out just what in the heck that game was all about anyway. A game where you’re cleaning up landmines?

Then the Internet came along and blogs were awesome. I had, by then, grown up sufficiently and moved away from most of my friends. That was a bummer, as my new city/job/lifestyle/parenting situation prevented me from enjoying the things I used to, namely, ample amounts of time to write and smoke cigarettes and hang out with friends. But online, on blogs, we could chat and write about what we were doing, joking, learning, whatever. Then everyone quit blogging because, I suspect, the Internet is killing us all.

Who wants to spend so much time on here anyway? So many screens, so many different things to learn and do, but it always boils down to Wikipedia and YouTube, right?

And when I build the Internet, I not only play here occasionally, occasionally learn here, but I also work here. I think I might even have an addiction.

Maybe, like neon zigzags and grunge music, the Internet will kind of go away, just become something else that isn’t so prevalent. Maybe people will get back into going outside, and meeting up for a game of frisbee or a hiking trip. Yeah, that’d be swell.

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