Four Much Needed Improvements for Mobile Safari (and I’m not even including Copy/Paste)

A few improvements the Safari browser seriously needs to have added to it within the next 15 minutes, if not sooner.

  • The ability to open links in a new tab, without going to that tab immediately. A good example is in Reader, I’ll often be reading an article and want to click a link to have that page begin loading up, but still want to finish the original article. This is a staple of what tabbed browsing is so good for on the desktop, and is sorely missed on the iPhone.
  • Page loads when not focused on that tab. If I have a crappy connection on my laptop, I can open up 10 tabs, start loading the pages I want to look at into them, and while I’m browsing the first, the other 9 will be loading. With EDGE, I so very often have a slower-than-I’d-prefer connection. Being able to load pages while I’m not focused on them would be boss.
  • Add that “Go Back to Start” orange button that the desktop version of Safari has. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this button, it’s basically a little orange circle with a back arrow in it, and it’s useful if you want to go back to the original page that was loaded into that tab. It’s most useful during searches. Say you search for Is Barack Obama the new Jesus? and you read the first Wikipedia article that comes up, which naturally leads you to a YouTube video that then points you at a user’s Myspace page and so on. “What was I looking for?” Click the orange button and you’ll start anew.
  • A Better Back Button. Pressing and holding the back button should show you a list of the last x number of pages you’ve visited, like any modern browser does.
  • Text Resizing. Sometimes Mobile Safari resizes text up naturally, sometimes it doesn’t. I suspect it has something to do with a page’s CSS, but either way, there should be an easy way to increase the text size of a page a bit. Some of us are old, Steve.

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