Google Chrome Solutions: How to Get Nice Looking RSS Feeds in Google Chrome

Now that I’ve moaned and complained about everything that’s wrong with Google Chrome, I figured I should provide a few solutions to the problems I’ve mentioned previously. Chrome isn’t a bad browser, it’s fast, has a great Error Consol, and thanks to extensions, most of the issues I’ve mentioned can easily be overcome. First we’ll cover:

How to Get Nice Looking RSS Feeds in Google Chrome

Pretty RSS Feeds in Google Chrome
RSS Feeds in Chrome via an extension
As mentioned before, Chrome doesn’t handle RSS feeds natively very well. All you get is the raw feed data, which looks a bit crusty. See the two comparisons on the right of native RSS feeds vs. using the RSS Subscription Extension available to Chrome users.

Google Chrome's native RSS Feed supportI still think this should be a default option but Google explains that they are trying to keep Chrome as bare bones as possible, that most users don’t actually use RSS, and so while it was a default option in the past, they took it out and made it into an extension due to these facts.

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