Austin Yellow Bike Project

The great city of Austin is a wonderful place to galavant for a year or two, now and then, as you live your life nomadic primarily in the big fat belt buckle state of Texas and the greater Southwest in general. Hiker / biker paths lining a river locals refer to as a lake, pedestrian bridges, plenty of sushi, a Johnny Cash bar and oodles enough more to keep you rhyming with noodles, I simply love the place.

One of the coolest things about the city, in my opinion, is the dedication folks therein have to everything alternative transportation, such as the long list of bike routes the city has put up signage and maps for. There’s also a great organization called Yellow Bike which, in a nutshell, takes old bikes, paints them yellow, and gives them away for free (in a larger sense, they’re a lot like Pittsburgh’s Freeride). I just so happen to have created a website for them and, after some delay, it’s finally up and running. Check it out at

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