More on Homeland Healthcare from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

A writer from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette contacted me after I had written this article on my frustration with Homeland Healthcare and Pittsburgh’s Fire and Union Insurance Company, both of which were supposed to be paying health insurance claims but instead decided to just bail out on the bills all together.

You may or may not find the article interesting, likely particularly dependent on whether or not you are one of a growing number of Americans faced with trying to negotiate and purchase their own health insurance, but there’s a picture of my new baby boy Winter who has wonderfully made it into the paper at only 5.5 weeks old!

So that’s great. Here’s the full article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

In summary, it appears that despite Homeland Healthcare’s 195 complaints with the BBB (who mysteriously still give them an A+ rating…) in Dallas, despite the Pittsburgh National Union Fire Insurance Co’s having been sued for $100,000 by the State of Minnesota for lying to there customers, and literally hundreds upon hundreds of complaints on fraud and complaints boards across the web, despite Obama and the meager healthcare reform that doesn’t even go into effect until enough time will have passed for Republicans to blow holes all through it anyway, at the end of the day we have the following facts: the Health Insurance industry, as a whole, walks away with $1400 of my money paid to premiums, I’m stuck with a $15,000 bill that I was never supposed to have received, and a hospital and all of it’s wonderful staff are not likely to get paid anytime soon. Again, I just can’t help but wonder how anyone who is against major reforms, not the minor changes like building a website that the current government has come up with, but major serious reforms (including single-payer as the only realistic option, though a government run “option” would definitely be a step in the right direction) can not see how clear the end result is: major corporations win, doctors, nurses and patients lose. It’s as simple as that and no amount of reconciling it out for your own peace of mind can change the night and day facts: supporting our current healthcare system, whether by directly fighting against reform or simply not fighting specifically for reforms, puts you on the side of these fraudulent megacorporations who are screwing over your very own constituents.

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