Where is Pittsburgh’s Hostel?

Pittsburgh has long been without a hostel. A group of dedicated volunteers took on the task of trying to get one up and running, including fundraising, researching and investigating real estate opportunities / the best location for a hostel. Unfortunately, none of them were doing it full time and as part time volunteers with other full time obligations (little things like “family” and “day jobs”), the project didn’t receive as much attention as it required.

The Pittsburgh Hostel Project is now changing it’s focus from (essentially) “trying to get a hostel going” to, “offering advice and help to those trying to get a hostel in Pittsburgh going”. So if you think you might be interested, maybe you’re a real estate investor, maybe you’ve got management or previous hotel (or better yet, hostel) management experience, or maybe you’re just an entrepreneur with enough cash and vision to make a hostel happen in Pittsburgh (and as long as you don’t stick it up on some mountain two buses away from the city, it will be successful), head on over to their website to see how you can get in touch and finally get a hostel back in Pittsburgh.

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