How to Create a Gallery with WordPress & Gutenberg

A bit has changed with WordPress’ default gallery feature since the arrival of Gutenberg (the name of the new editor for creating content in WP.) Luckily, it’s still fairly easy to create a gallery of images.

First, we’ll add the block, pretty much the standard with creating anything new in WP.

the add block interface in WordPress

Type a few letters of the word gallery and choose the default Gallery option.

choose the gallery option

You’ll see options like this:

gutenberg gallery options

Or you can just drag and drop your images into the new block.

drag and drop images into the block

Once added, you’ll see them in a preview right there on the page.

a gallery of images of flamingos

If you look at the column on the right of the page, you’ll see several options.

Columns determines how many images will show on each “row”, because columns and rows are intrinsically linked.

You can choose where you’d like the images to link:

choosing where images will link to in wordpress galleries

Note that this plugin is useful if you want to create custom links.

And you can choose the size of the image as well, though this will also be dictated by available space and the number of columns you choose.

choosing the size of images in a wordpress gallery

That’s it, update or publish your page to see the changes!

Still using the Classic Editor? Here are instructions for all things images in the old mode.

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