Fixed! The Events Calendar Pro Recurring Events Redirects to Archive Page

I’ve seen a bunch of posts around the web where people are having this same problem. You’re using the Events Calendar Pro, and you’ve got links to recurring events. And they all — except the initial one — redirect to some archive page.

In this post, we’re assuming you’re creating your own link using tribe_get_events.

Like, maybe you’re doing something like this:

<?php $events = tribe_get_events( [
'posts_per_page' => -1,
] ); ?>
<?php foreach($events as $event) {
<p><a href="/events/<?php echo $event->post_name; ?>"><?php echo $event->post_title; ?></a></p>
<?php } ?>

It’s that highlighted section that gave me problems. In the case of a normal, non-recurring event, this works. For recurring events, not so much. So change that bit to:

<?php echo get_permalink($event->ID); ?>

Hopefully that helps you, too!

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