ClickNathan FAQ

  • How did you get into the business of blogging?
    My mother and her mother before her were refugees, seeking solace from the perils of 1970’s Tahitian Wardoctors. For me, the transition was only natural.
  • What’s your sign?
    Caution: Flying Deer, though I prefer cosigns.
  • Are you gay or do you just play one when you’re not on TV?
  • Have you ever thought Band on the Run said “Man on the Run”?
  • Did you lose respect for Paul after realizing that?
    No. I lost respect for MJ (read last paragraph)
  • Do you have the magic power of the music in you?
    You tell me.
  • Do you ever change the names to protect the innocent?
    Yes, but Federal law prohibits the protection of the innocent by anyone not under their health care plan.
  • What does ClickNathan mean?
    It’s a metaphor. Like a butterfly.
  • In that movie Kids, did you laugh at the “I have no legs” part?
    What do you think? Well, you’re wrong, unless you said “yes,” then you’re right.
  • Is this all true? Mostly some of it.

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