Illiterate Drivers and the Roadsign Company they keep

Some of my favorite balances/contradictions/pairings:

• Summer, Autumn, Spring, Fall More than this I like the whole tropical climate with its dry and rainy seasons. Very extreme, brah.
• The relationship of the sun to the moon, sun to the water, water to the moon. The whole evaporation, raining thing and how it sustains all life on this planet, basically. The sun manipulates water in such a perfect cycle, redistributing the little droplets of H2O that might have once been a part of Cleopatra’s bodily fluids but are now a driving rain falling all down over the feral horses of Assateague.
• For that matter, trees and people You’ve built forts in them as a child, and now you’re purchasing houses made of them as an adult. If evolution is fact where God is fiction, then the whole swapping of oxygen and carbon dioxide is an amazingly convenient occurence.
• Purple, orange and green Colors that seem so wrong for eachother, when combined in the proper amounts, become my favorite surroundings. Imagine a circus. Who doesn’t like a circus? Communists, probably, that’s who.
Donkey Lips and Budnick
• Thinking of Batman as the Dark Knight and then think of Adam West

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