Hillary on Barack

I very much enjoyed the interview with Renee Montagne and Hillary Clinton on Morning Edition this morning. Renee asked Clinton why she dubbed herself a “doer” and Obama just a “talker”, and as Clinton tried to pull the old answer without answering, Renee continued to probe “what makes you call Obama just a talker” and wouldn’t let Hillary down until she actually answered.

Clinton also went on to take a few jabs at Obama’s record, stating that he’s changed his mind in the past on various topics. And who can’t remember Republicans in the last Presidential election calling Kerry a “flip-flopper”? Since when, exactly, did it become a negative trait that a person might change there mind over time?

I’d like to think that the President of our nation should be allowed to think things over, weigh different opinions, and base his decisions on available evidence as it comes in. Not simply pick a standpoint and stick with it no matter how many weapons of mass destruction we do or do not find.

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