Too Many Puppies in my RSS

Does anyone remember Primus and their song about having too many puppies? Well I do, and I’d like to use that as a transition into this post. There, done.

I’m a ginormous fan or RSS feeds and using Google Reader to give me instant access to interesting reads whether I’m bored of HTML’ing or just waiting in line at my local Whole Foods. So I like to subscribe to things like Lifehacker or Make Magazine, since they often have articles that interest me.

Unfortunately, it seems to be the trend these days for websites to put out 150 articles / day. No Earth being can keep up with that much reading, and though I find probably 70% of the stuff on Make interesting, for example, I’d rather find 100% of 10 articles I can read in a day interesting vs. 70% of 150 articles that I can’t, and therefore will skim over and or just mark all as read.

Does anyone else have this issue? WTF do you do about it?

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