Putting the “Inter” back in Internet

Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook: they all offer you the ability to let the world what you’re doing right now. For example, every newb on Facebook has found themselves particularly clever when they change their status message to Rhonda is. I know, I was one of them.

You can integrate your Tweets with your Facebook status, but not the other way around, and Google Talk doesn’t play nicely with anyone. This should be changed. In fact, there shouldn’t be “Tweets”, just a generic status message that can be applied wherever you’d like on the web. Then, these services would simply be ways of updating those messages.

For example, you don’t have an AT&T phone number and then also go out and get a Verizon number, you just have a phone number that anyone can access via any carrier, any type of phone. Instead of spending thousands of billions of man hours coming up with OpenID, which somehow thought that by taking the simple idea of a username and password, adding a bunch of fields and several swirly letters to type in, users and webmasters would be like “sweet, I’m on board.” Not sweet my friends; honey on opposite day.

So there.

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